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My love for life and nature can be seen through my lenses.    This gallery contains photos of events and travels.

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Mt. Mitake Adventure, Ome City, Tokyo, Japan

1999-Nov-14 (Sun)

Period: 0800-1800HRS.  Tourist Spots: Japanese Temples, Waterfalls.  Activities: Biking and exploring the nature. ...read more

Tokyo and Yokohama City, Japan

1999-Oct-11 (Mon)

Period: Whole day.  Activity: Exploring the city. ...read more

Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park, Yamanashi, Japan

1999-Aug-05 (Thu)

Period: Whole day.  Activity: Riding coasters. ...read more

Toshiba Ome Works, Tokyo, Japan

1999-Jun-28 (Mon)

Period: June 28 - December 15, 1999.  Activity: Training. ...read more